Gaumard’s Spotlight on Celaida Ramos

Our spotlight this month is on an employee who has been an important part of Gaumard Scientific for over 21 years. Celaida Ramos arrived in the United States from Spain, although she was born in Cuba.

Cely comes from a medically oriented family and always planned on becoming a nurse and for that reason, worked for several medical doctors over the years. Cely has been married for 29 years and has three wonderful children.

In 1990, Cely applied for a job at Gaumard, as a customer service representative and was hired for the position. The world of simulation was unfamiliar to her at the time.

When asked about her current perception of Gaumard and its products, Cely smiled as she stated, “This is great that people can practice before they go to a real patient. I didn’t know that simulation existed prior to working for Gaumard. This is incredible, especially with the S500the advanced childbirth! I like the birthing simulator because I think it’s so important.”

Cely began in the domestic customer service department and is now in charge of international sales. When “Cely” was asked about her job, she was enthusiastic in her answer.

“I love interacting with the various distributors and customers from different parts of the world. I love putting together the quotes and following them until they become an order and get shipped to the customer. The best part is when they visit the facility. I finally get to put a face to the voice.”

When Cely was asked about the changes she has witnessed during her twenty one years of employment, she was enthusiastic as she mentioned the hi-fi simulators, “It has been incredible.”

Celaida Ramos, you are incredible and we are proud of your accomplishments and longstanding loyalty to Gaumard. It is our extreme pleasure to place Gaumard’s spotlight on you this month. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do for Gaumard!

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