Our Simulators Are Tetherless

Technology  can and does change lives. It is difficult to remember what life was like before we had Smart Phones. It is even more difficult to remember a time when our landlines required cords that connected the bases to the receivers. As we became entangled in the long cords, we were content with the difficult to handle telephones because they were all we had at the time.

And then something changed. Someone imagined. Someone believed. Someone created what some said couldn’t be done. When it comes to simulation technology, Gaumard was and is that someone.

As Alvin Toffler said, “The great growling engine of change is technology.” We believe that to be true and it is for that very reason that we are dedicated to innovation and advancing simulation technology.

We listened and we innovated. The result was HAL, which transformed simulation from the day of the phone booth to the day of the smart phone. We remain committed to listening to the customer. This is Simulation Made Easy™ which is the foundation for successful healthcare simulation education.

That is the very reason why we consider the elimination of cumbersome cords, external compressors, and wired communication devices essential since they limit the ability to treat simulators like real patients.

Our state of the art simulators empower people to learn what they might never have learned. They give people the ability to become more productive and increase the likely hood that they will make the right decisions in emergency situations. As a result, more lives are saved and more new lives are brought safely into the world.

Our pledge is to make our learning platforms accessible all over the world and keep them cost effective by using technological advancements that give more for less.

Please join us on our journey to help improve patient outcomes by telling us what you think. Remember… Gaumard listens.

Photo: Molly DG

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