Share Your Simulation Story

As we mentioned in our first blog post, the purpose of GAUMARD IN FOCUS is to share our vision with you. 

With each post and with each subject, it is our desire to acquaint you with technology, events involving simulation, cost effective products, current news, customer service and the people who make Gaumard the success that it is.

In addition to sharing our information with you, it is our hope that you will share your opinions, simulation stories and suggestions with us. We value what you have to say and we value you.

Please visit often and give us your input. Every suggestion and every story is welcome. With your help, we will continue to set our sights on ways that Gaumard can and will advance healthcare simulation in the future.

Always remember that  Gaumard listens. Again, we welcome you to GAUMARD IN FOCUS. Please don’t be a stranger.

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