The People of Gaumard

There is no question that our technology is superior and that is part of why we continue to lead the industry  in simulation innovation.  We are confident that our simulators are cost effective and that they are assisting healthcare professionals every day.

That being said, our most valuable asset is our people. That means the people who have the vision, the ones who create and make our products, those who are on the phone, in front of computers and in the field. Our employees are exceptional.

Listening to some of Gaumard’s sales reps recently brought that idea home. It was evident that each and every one of them cares deeply about their customers. They listen to suggestions and concerns and do all they can to build strong Gaumard customer relationships.

Probably the most impressive part of what they said involved their pride in Gaumard. They believe in the products they bring to the people in their territories. They stressed the fact that there is no need for them to actually sell. They said that the quality and technical superiority of Gaumard’s products make their jobs easy.

The comment that stood out most in my mind was, “I am a nurse. I am not a sales person. If I did not believe in our products, I wouldn’t be doing what I do.”

Gaumard’s sales team members really are a team. I guess that is what happens when employees are respected and appreciated by their employer. They become part of a family, in this case The Gaumard Family.

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