Victoria Experience Life–Like Simulation

VictoriaSee Victoria and touch her and experience all that she is and all that she does and you will be amazed. You will be certain that you have been transported into a room where a beautiful woman is going through all that the birthing process can be. You will feel her pain. You will feel the stress that healthcare professionals feel. Your heart will beat faster and you will feel fear because you will worry that you might not have the knowledge or experience to do the right thing for this magnificent woman named Victoria. This is life-like simulation. It is the “suspension of disbelief.”

What Makes Victoria S2200 Unique?

Victoria is the result of innovative thinking. Innovation is what people yearn for and stand in line to buy. What happens after they make their purchases? If the product is indeed what it promised to be, the media and in particular social media will contribute to creating an amazing demand for the product. Who wins in this scenario? The authentic and innovative manufacturers and the consumers are both the winners.

Victoria represents true breakthrough innovation technology. It is a cornerstone for making a difference in the healthcare  Victoriasimulation industry.

Gaumard’s innovative simulators do not come off a production line in a foreign country. Each is unique and each is made one by one in the United States by dedicated Gaumard employees.

Gaumard understands that the training of exceptional medical professionals requires breakthrough innovations. Gaumard has a proven record of doing exactly that since 1946.

We listen to our customers who advise what healthcare students need in their training. We understand the problems they encounter and we have created simulators that address each new challenge. We offer innovative simulators that are functional, realistic and attractive. Now we offer Victoria™ S2200 to the world of healthcare training. Many of you know her “relative” named Noelle®.

Victoria™ is revolutionary and like no other because of the precision of her features, physique, movement, actions and reactions while remaining completely tetherless. Some may say that they offer wireless simulators but Gaumard is the only manufacturer in the world that produces an entire family of completely tetherless simulators.

Victoria™ truly suspends disbelief. Those participating in the learning experience become totally immersed in what she is experiencing, what she needs, what needs to be monitored and what can go wrong. She stimulates the psyche of everyone in ways that are unfathomable. When you have the Victoria experience, you will find yourself comforting her with a stroke to her face, words of encouragement, a pat on her shoulder or even a hand moving a wisp hair away from her eyes. You will empathize and you will be anxious about her health and the health of the baby that is going to be born.

When healthcare students are learning, Victoria™ forgives their mistakes. She and her baby can survive and students will be in a better place for having had the opportunity to be trained with Victoria™. Their abilities will have been improved without placing any woman’s health in jeopardy. They will be on their way to becoming outstanding healthcare professionals and they will always remember their Victoria™ experience.

Thank you for coming to visit Gaumard In Focus and for your interest in Victoria™ and other healthcare topics. We hope that you will share your thoughts about simulation, healthcare and above all… WHAT MATTERS TO YOU.

Remember, Gaumard listens to you.

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