Delivering babies gets real for first responders


For expecting moms, not having enough time to get the hospital to deliver a baby can induce panic.

Training for those first on the scene has now been pushed to a whole new level.

Delivering their baby at home is an experience is one the Coons of West Hartford will always remember.

“I felt Margaret coming she didn’t want to wait – she was ready to be born. She didn’t want to wait to go to Hartford,” said Coon.

Living in Fairfield at the time, Coon was frightening to have the baby at home, but she was soon calmed by the firefighters who arrived.

Steven Curry of the Fairfield Fire Department was the man who delivered Margaret.

“He was very good he put his gloves on, he got everything set, I pushed once Margret’s head was born, and she was very quick. It worked out and they disappeared,” said Coon.

Decades later, fellow first responders like Curry have new, high-tech tools to help them get it right just like he did.

EMTS at Yale-New Haven Hospital are put in high pressure scenarios, using a lifelike robotic manikin named “Victoria”.

It’s a real as it can without working with a mom in labor, Victoria can birth in a natural and emergency scenario.

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To learn more about Victoria, visit the Gaumard website.

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