Gaumard Brings Realistic Simulation to Life at ACOG 2016

MIAMIMay 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — ACOG’s 2016 annual meeting offers the best chance ever for hands-on demonstrations of Gaumard®‘s family of realistic simulators and skills trainers at Booth 935 in the Washington, DC Convention Center.

Attendees will be able to practice life-like scenarios, such as actually delivering a newborn with Victoria®, the most advanced maternal-fetal simulator available today; or resuscitating Tory™, a wireless, tetherless neonatal simulator that exhales real and measurable CO2.

Victoria is completely wireless and tetherless, providing true ‘Care in Motion‘ and realistic clinical education,” John Eggert, Gaumard’s executive vice president, said. “Actual clinical monitors such as BP, pulse-oximetry, fetal heart rate, ECG and TOCO can be used on Victoria, further enhancing the educational experience.  And Tory incorporates full high-fidelity functionality into an accurately sized 40-week newborn, making it the most sophisticated neonatal simulator available.”

“The ZOE® S504.100 Gynecologic Simulator has been used worldwide for years. And the S230.40 Breast Palpation Simulator and S230.52 Breast Phantom Simulator are the most realistic available anywhere.”

For more in-depth training, Colonel Shad Deering, Assistant Dean for Simulation Education at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, leads a six-hour course on emergencies in clinical obstetrics with the NOELLE® S555.100 Mobile Obstetrics Emergencies Simulator on Saturday, May 14 (details at

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