Gaumard Dazzles Her Majesty the Queen During Medical Campus Opening

The Queen, Elizabeth II, officially opened the University of Hull’s Allam Medical Building on November 16, 2017. Her Majesty arrived with the expected fanfare and was greeted by hundreds of onlookers. She spent some time briefly chatting with members of the assembled crowd, collecting flowers from some of her admiring subjects.

The Queen unveiled a special plaque as part of the opening. She was then given a tour of the university before opening the new £28m medical campus. The campus features several sophisticated medical training facilities, including an ICU, a simulated operating theatre, and hospital ward.

During the tour of the facilities, Her Majesty was given several demonstrations of medical scenarios from students and staff. It was during one of these demonstrations that she was introduced to “John”, a Gaumard simulator. “John” is part of Gaumard’s HAL series of simulators and he was used to model a patient who had just undergone gallbladder surgery.

Her Majesty watched intently as a student nurse spoke to the Gaumard simulator and he responded. The Queen was also shown a realistic caesarian performed on a Noelle. She watched from a short distance as a Premie HAL was delivered.

Professor Julie Jomeen, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Hull, said: “The Allam Medical Building will transform the way we teach the next generation of health professionals, giving them the very best opportunities and training to deliver the healthcare of the future, and enhancing their student experience considerably.”

Undoubtedly, Dean Jomeen’s vision for the Allam Building will come to fruition with Gaumard simulators as a part of the prestigious university’s new healthcare training facilities.

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