[On-Demand Webinar] Introducing Gaumard Vitals™ and LungSim™. Enhancing Simulation Training with Virtual Medical Equipment

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Disclaimer: The video stream may reduce the quality of the LungSim images.

This session will introduce two new powerful medical equipment virtual simulators specifically designed to enhance simulation learning experiences across training modalities, including task trainers, patient simulators, remote learning, standardized patients, and more.

Introducing Gaumard Vitals Patient Monitor Task Trainer, a versatile standalone patient monitor simulator package for vital sign interpretation skills training and enhancing scenario realism. Presenting LungSim, a new powerful and flexible model-driven mechanical ventilator simulator.

LungSim simulates a modern mechanical ventilator’s look and function and interfaces with Gaumard simulators to enable ventilator management skills and patient care training.


Ivy Cooper, CHSE
Gaumard Product Expert

Chris Jorge
Gaumard Marketing Director

Dr Tommaso Tonetti, MD Researcher,
University of Bologna, Italy
Massimo Giannessi, PhD
Co-founder and COO
Accurate srl
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