SSM Health Uses Simulation-Based Training to Reduce Maternal Deaths

Photo Credit: Fox 2 News

SSM Health St. Clare Hospital is using high-fidelity manikins as part of their Perinatal Simulation program. The program aims to have every physician, nurse, and medical team across SSM Health hospitals receive simulation-based training using Victoria, the world’s most lifelike and advanced childbirth simulator. The CDC reports that 60% of maternal deaths are preventable. Dr. Guy Venezia, medical director of obstetrics at SSM Health, believes that through repeated practice health care professionals will be better prepared to handle emergencies and save many lives.

By adopting simulation-based training in their program, Dr. Venezia can immerse the participants in various clinical emergencies. As they work to manage these emergencies, the participants receive feedback on their performance, so they improve their clinical skills. Moreover, simulation-based training allows the physicians and nurses to practice communication and teamwork skills as they work together to identify an ailment and treat the patient. Thus, health care professionals can enter the hospital with the confidence and skills to handle any emergency and greatly improve outcomes for patients.     

Full story written by Dan Gray – KTVI Fox 2 News.

Read the full story at the Fox 2 News website.

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