Super Tory Shows Off for KCAL 9 News in Los Angeles

Super Tory is a tool designed to help train doctors, nurses, health care teams, and even laypeople to save a life. Recently, Dr. Jen Arnold of All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Jim Archetto of Gaumard appeared on KCAL 9 in Los Angeles to showcase Super Tory’s high-fidelity features. They demonstrated why Super Tory is the world’s most advanced robotic infant patient simulator.

Super Tory looks and acts like a real baby. She can realistically simulate the various physiological movements and responses of a real baby. She can move her limbs, make a variety of facial expressions, cry, breathe, and even turn blue to simulate a medical emergency. She is completely wireless and can be controlled by a Surface Pro tablet. With a few clicks of a button, the facilitator can make the baby go from a stable, healthy newborn to one that is in acute distress.

These realistic features are important cues babies use to communicate since they cannot verbalize distress yet. Health care professionals use these cues to diagnose babies. Thus, it is vitally important they be able to recognize these cues to give an accurate diagnosis based on what these cues are telling them.

In fact, according to a Medscape article, “nearly one half of newborn deaths…have a component of asphyxia or respiratory depression as an etiology”. For this reason, medical professionals involved in the delivery and care of newborn patients should be trained to identify the cues of respiratory problems and how to resuscitate a neonatal patient properly. This would drastically decrease mortality rates for neonatal patients and produce better long-term outcomes for these patients.

Super Tory can respond to real medical procedures such as chest compressions, intubation, and mechanical ventilation. So, a health care team can use Super Tory to practice various lifesaving procedures without the risk of harming a real patient. This puts less stress on the learner and allows them to rehearse the procedures until they master them. Once a real patient confronts them, the learner will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to respond to a medical emergency and provide accurate treatment quickly.

Practice is key to successfully training a medical professional. Since Super Tory has so many advanced features, learners can practice medical skills across the entire continuum of care. From teamwork and communication to CPR, Super Tory makes practicing various lifesaving skills easier and helps make medical staff more effective. Doctors and nurses never know when the next emergency might present itself, so practicing with Super Tory allows them to be ready when the time comes.

However, laypeople can also use Super Tory to practice basic lifesaving procedures like CPR. Many people do not intervene during an emergency like cardiac arrest because they are afraid of causing further harm. However, 90% of people who suffer an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest die because bystanders are afraid or do not know how to perform CPR.

Thus, Super Tory can be used as a tool to train parents on how to help their baby if it stops breathing, for example. While they wait for an EMT, parents can help their child regain breathing and save its life. Along with the guidelines set up by the American Heart Association, any layperson can learn how to intervene during a cardiac emergency.

To watch the full interview, click here. To learn more about Super Tory, the world’s most advanced newborn simulator visit the Gaumard website or click on the link.

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