These Robots are Helping Future Doctors in ER Battles in the Bronx

“He has the ability to breathe, to blink, to talk, to cry,” said Dr. Mina Attaalla, the hospital’s simulation education director. “You can also do procedures on him, such as starting an IV.” The robot that the hospital uses for medical residents and current doctors, seen in the video above, can even receive medication in the competition under the watchful eyes of other residents and judges.

In the end, the team from Saint Barnabas won SIM Wars and now has a year’s worth of bragging rights. But the teams said the real reward was the experience gained from the competition. “It prepares you to act on your feet, be ready for things that you don’t necessarily predict to happen,” Hubbard said. “It’s good to be able to practice that in a simulated environment so that when you have an actual patient you can do it right,” Price said.

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