SwedishAmerican Gets New Birthing Simulator

ROCKFORD (WIFR) — Medical personnel are training for situations in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly in the delivery room.

SwedishAmerican Hospital has a new high-tech simulator, named Victoria, that makes sure health professionals are as prepared as possible when delivering babies.

“I know that if I was a mom or expecting to be a mom, I’d like to know that my nurses were educated to the highest of standards,” says Cassie Farrell, a Registered Nurse at SwedishAmerican.

The life-sized training robot helps registered nurses and medical personnel like Cassie Farrell prepare for a variety of scenarios that may happen during childbirth.

“Anything can come through the door at any time,” explains Farrell, “so I like being presented with the clinical situation in a safe setting, where it’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them before it happens in the real world.”

Victoria‘s pregnancy includes realistic anatomy, including the placenta.

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To learn more about Victoria, visit the Gaumard website.

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