The $30,000 baby: Donor gifts Community birth center with training doll

ANDERSON — A donor recently bought Community Hospital Anderson a $30,000 baby doll that will change training for the staff at the New Generations Birth Place.

The doll doesn’t look like any regular baby doll, though. It moves like a real baby. Nurses can even start an IV on its rubber-like skin and the hole will eventually go away.

“Everything we can do on a real baby, we can do on (the training baby),” said Deidre Kettery, staff educator of the department.

The Gaumard Tory S2210 can be used to practice a variety of medical incidents that could happen with a baby, such as intubation, the use of a flexible plastic tube in the trachea to keep an airway open. The baby comes with male and female genitals for practice with inserting catheters.

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To read more about the Tory S2210,  visit the Gaumard website.

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