Victoria Joins Columbia College’s Prestigious Nursing Program

For nursing students, training for the licensing exam is a time consuming and arduous process. At the end of this process, the knowledge these students gain will create well-rounded professionals and prepare them to tackle modern health care needs. However, as the Columbia Daily Tribune reported, the students of Columbia College will have a significant leg up on their counterparts thanks to the introduction of Gaumard simulators into their program.

Columbia College has one of the highest pass rates in Missouri. Their innovative program has produced highly trained students who are more than prepared to take and pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Recently, the school has added simulation into the classroom to further train and prepare their students.

Using a Victoria S2200 to simulate a realistic birth, the nursing students were given their first taste of the intense energy and activity they will experience in real life. Susan Lambert, a clinical instructor for the college, described the experience as “organized chaos.” She explained that during a real birth, nurses would have to focus on the patient while dealing with a multitude of people all vying for their attention or giving them orders.

In this type of stressful environment, a good nurse cannot afford to slip up or let their attention drift from the patient. A moment of hesitation could lead to an unnecessarily difficult birth or cause harm to the mother and baby. Nevertheless, bridging the gap between what is learned in coursework and what is experienced in a hospital room is difficult to do. This is why a simulator can help students become familiar with the organized chaos Ms. Lambert described.

Apart from simulating a real birth, Victoria also gave the students a feel for the noise and tension they will experience during a birth. Victoria’s lifelike features allow the students to practice the skills they learned in class and familiarize themselves with the problems that might be encountered in the real world.

By adding simulation to their curriculum, students have the opportunity to rehearse and master the patient skills that will make them successful nurses and help them pass the licensing exam. With Victoria’s ability to simulate a wide breadth of birthing situations in an instant, the Columbia College students will become well-versed with the procedures needed to handle a routine or complex birth.

Simulation also allows the students to think through the different situations they encountered and increase their proficiency without harming a real patient. At the end of the simulation, the students can discuss the experience and receive feedback. This way, the students can learn how to improve their future performance and build teamwork skills.

Undoubtedly, the addition of Gaumard simulators into Columbia College’s program will contribute to the continued success of the school and its students. At a time when a nursing shortage is putting a strain on U.S. hospitals, the need for highly skilled nurses from schools like Columbia College is even more important.

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